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FAO webinars: Feeding management of dairy cattle in tropical countries

Broadening Horizons N°21, September 2015

By Harinder P.S. Makkar, FAO, Rome

Feeding management of dairy cattle in tropical countries is an FAO e-course available from the FAO e-learning platform. The following 4 webinars are based on this FAO e-course and cover 16 modules/lessons tailored for extension workers, progressive farmers, technical staff of the producer organizations, students and teachers:

The course and the webinars cover the following topics:

  • Principles of dairy nutrition and feeding management as cows move through their annual lactation cycle
  • Quantification of the likely milk responses to changes in intakes of feed nutrients so that a ration can be formulated to achieve a targeted milk yield
  • A practical session on trouble shooting feeding problems
  • Specific aspects of dairy production technology such as rearing young stock and feeding for improved fertility

View a short presentation of this course:


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