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Brito et al., 2009. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 38 (10): 1907-1913

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Brito, A. B. de ; Stringhini, J. H. ; Xavier, S. A. G. ; Cafe, M. B. ; Leandro, N. S. M., 2009. Performance and egg quality of laying hens after molting (78 to 90 weeks of age) fed corn germ meal. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 38 (10): 1907-1913
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Desempenho e qualidade dos ovos de poedeiras comerciais no segundo ciclo de produção consumindo gérmen integral de milho


This experiment was carried to evaluate the performance and egg quality of laying hens in the second production cycle consuming whole corn germ in substitution of corn in the diet. The forced moulting procedure of 250 Lohmann LSL laying hens was accomplished in the 66th to 74th weeks of age. In 75th week of age, 192 birds were standardized by weight. The experimental period corresponded to the interval between the 78th and 90th weeks of age of the hens. Four levels were evaluated of replacing corn with corn germ meal in the diets (0, 25, 50 and 75%). The variables assessed were internal and external egg quality and performance. A randomized complete design was used and statistical analyses were performed using polynomial regression analysis. The level recommended was up to 25% of substitution for corn, that means 16% corn germ meal included in diets for moulted hens in the second cycle production.

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Brito et al., 2009