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Maass et al., 2018. Forages Newsletter No. 6, CGIAR

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Maass, B.; Pengelly, B., 2018. Forages for the future. Forages Newsletter No. 6, CGIAR
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The newsletter, “Forages for the Futurelaunched in June 2016, resulted of a meeting of experts in October 2015 in Bonn, Germany, to discuss a Global Strategy for the Conservation and Utilization of Tropical and Subtropical Forage Genetic Resources. This newsletter is the 6th of the series. The former newsletters are available from http://goo.gl/vn9VZX. The newsletter is published under the auspices of the CGIAR Research Program “Genebanks”; its editors are Bruce Pengelly and Brigitte Maass, consultants of the Global Crop Diversity Trust.

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Maass et al., 2018
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