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Bui Xuan An et al., 1992. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 4 (2): 7-12

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Bui Xuan An; Ngo Van Man; Luu Trong Hieu, 1992. Molasses urea block (MUB) and Acacia mangium as supplements for crossbred heifers fed poor quality forages. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 4 (2): 7-12

In the first experiment, twenty four crossbred heifers, given forages of low nutritive value, were divided equally into 4 groups with different supplements: C1, 1 kg/d concentrate; MUB, 1 kg/d concentrate + 0.5 kg/d MUB; AM, 1 kg/d concentrate + fresh Acacia mangium leaves (2 kg/100 kg LW); AMMUB, 0.5 kg/d MUB + fresh Acacia mangium leaves (2 kg/100 kg LW). The experiment period was 90 days. DM intakes were 5.08, 6.21, 5.61, and 5.49 kg/d, and live weight gains were: 107, 340, 185, 236 g/d, for treatments C, MUB, AM and AMUB, respectively. In experiment 2 a rumen-fistulated cow was fed 3 diets in turn: C, rice straw; MUB, rice straw + 0.5 kg/d MUB; AM rice, straw + fresh Acacia mangium leaves (2kg/100 kg LW). Rate of disappearance of rice straw increased 16-17% with MUB supplementation. There was no apparent effect of the Acacia mangium leaves.

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Bui Xuan An et al., 1992