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Mata et al., 1992. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 4 (2): 40-48

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Mata, D.; Combellas, J., 1992. Influence of multinutrient blocks on intake and rumen fermentation of dry cows fed basal diets of Trachypogon sp. and Cynodon plectostachyus hays. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 4 (2): 40-48

Two 3x3 Latin squares, each with the same three rumen fistulated dry cows, were carried out to evaluate the influence of multinutrient blocks (MB) on hay intake and some parameters of rumen fermentation. Trachypogon sp hay of 2.25% CP and 35.5% dry matter disappearance at 48h (DMD) was offered in Experiment 1 and Cynodon plectostachyus (star grass) hay of 6.6% CP and 57.6% DMD was used in Experiment 2. The treatments evaluated were a control diet based on hay and a mineral mixture and two different blocks containing mainly molasses, a mineral mixture, urea and either whole cotton seed or fish meal. Block intake was about one kg per day in Experiment 1 and approximately half of this amount in Experiment 2.

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Mata et al., 1992