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Nguyen Van Thu et al., 1993. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 5 (1): 46-53

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Nguyen Van Thu; Nguyen Thi Kim Dong; Nguyen Van Hon; Vo Ai Quac, 1993. Effect of molasses urea cake on performance of growing and working local buffaloes and cattle fed low nutritive value diets. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 5 (1): 46-53

In three experiments, multinutritional cakes were fed to: 10 straw-fed working buffaloes in the dry season and 10 straw- and grass-fed working buffaloes in the rainy season of 1990; 20 straw- and grass-fed working cattle in the dry and rainy season of 1991; and 9 young buffaloes fed rice straw, grass and fresh sugar cane bagasse in 1991. Comparable unsupplemented groups of buffaloes and cattle were used as controls for each experiment.

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Nguyen Van Thu et al., 1993