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Teguia et al., 2005. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 17 (3)

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Teguia, A. ; Beynen, A. C., 2005. Alternative feedstuffs for broilers in Cameroon. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 17 (3)

Feed costs amount to about 70% of the total production costs of broiler meat. In Cameroon, the major ingredients of broiler feeds are maize and imported protein concentrates based on soybean concentrate, fish and/or animal meals. Over the past few years the feed costs have increased because the price of locally produced maize is going up and because the use of animal meals has been prohibited. This paper describes the use of possible alternative feedstuffs. It is concluded that there are locally produced, potential alternative feedstuffs, but in order to sustain broiler production at high inclusion levels, more research is necessary to characterize these feedstuffs as to their digestibility, amino acid profile and contents of anti-nutritional factors. In addition, methods applicable on small-holder farms should be developed to properly treat the alternative feedstuffs so as to improve their nutritional value.

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Teguia et al., 2005