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2017 Year of the Rooster!
2017 Year of the Rooster! (Credits: United Soybean Board)
Freedom Rangers broilers for 2017, Year of the rooster!
Freedom Ranger broilers for 2017, Year of the rooster! (Credits: Cowgirl Jules)
A bag of cotton seeds for cattle
A bag of cotton seeds for cattle (Credits: Thamizhpparithi Maari)
Feedipedia wishes you a Happy new year of the Rooster
Feedipedia wishes you a Happy new year of the Rooster (Credits: Iwan Beijes)

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Feedipedia is an open access information system on animal feed resources that provides information on nature, occurrence, chemical composition, nutritional value and safe use of nearly 1400 worldwide livestock feeds. It is a joint project of INRA, CIRAD, AFZ and FAO. Read more...

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Pig eating bananas

Bananas are the fruits of the banana tree (Musa sp.). Bananas grow in bunches... Read more

Banana plant at Kew Gardens, UK

Banana (Musa sp.) is one of the major fruit crops, cultivated in all warm and... Read more

Bahia grass

Bahia grass (Paspalum notatum Flügge) is a perennial rhizomatous grass, up to 1... Read more

Babul (Acacia nilotica) tree, general habit, Morocco

Babul (Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. ex Delile) is a medium sized, thorny, nearly... Read more

Desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria)

Locusts, grasshoppers (mostly Acrididae and Pyrgomorphidae), crickets (Gryllidae) and... Read more

Wheat stubble

Straw is the crop residue consisting of the dry stems and leaves left after the harvest... Read more

Palm (Elaeis guineensis) bunches on tree

Palm kernel meal is an important feed ingredient and the by-product of the oil palm (... Read more

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) plantation

Moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam.) is a multipurpose tropical tree. It is mainly... Read more

Babassu (Attalea speciosa), Maranhao, Brazil

Babassu (Attalea speciosa Mart. ex Spreng.) is an erect perennial evergreen palm... Read more

Anogeissus latifolia

Axlewood (Anogeissus latifolia (Roxb. ex DC.) Wall. ex Bedd.) is a small to... Read more

Atil (Maerua crassifolia Forssk.) tree, Sahara, Mauritania

Atil (Maerua crassifolia Forssk.) is a small evergreen tree, 3-10 m high, with a... Read more

Armgrass millet, seeds, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

The armgrass millet (Brachiaria distachya (L.) Stapf) is a stoloniferous annual... Read more

Arizona cottontop (Digitaria californica), habit, Prescott, Arizona

Arizona cottontop (Digitaria californica (Benth.) Henrard) is a perennial, warm-... Read more

Apple-ring acacia (Faidherbia albida), Burkina Faso

The apple-ring acacia (Faidherbia albida (Delile) A. Chev.) is a deciduous... Read more

Antelope grass (Echinochloa pyramidalis), seeds

Antelope grass (Echinochloa pyramidalis (Lam.) Hitchc. & Chase.) is a tall... Read more

Alysicarpus ovalifolius, flower and leaves, Taiwan

Alyce clover (Alysicarpus ovalifolius (Schumach. & Thonn.) J. Léonard) is an... Read more

Aleppo grass (Sorghum halepense) thicket,

Aleppo grass (Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers.) is a forage grass widespread... Read more

Imperata cylindrica, Vietnam

Imperata cylindrica (L.) P. Beauv., known as speargrass in Nigeria, alang-alang... Read more

Agati (Sesbania grandiflora), Hawaii

Agati (Sesbania grandiflora (L.) Pers.) is a legume tree used for fodder in... Read more

African stylo (Stylosanthes fruticosa), Hyderabad, India

The African stylo (Stylosanthes fruticosa (Retz.) Alston) is a woody herbaceous... Read more

African yam bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) foliage

The African yam bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Harms) is a... Read more


Broadening horizons

By Breanna M. Roque1, Jayasooriya A. D. R. N. Appuhamy1,2, and Ermias Kebreab1

1University of California and 2Iowa State University

While exogenous enzymes have long been proven to be effective in non-ruminant diets, the use of exogenous enzymes in ruminant diets has been limited. This paper reviews amylolytic, proteolytic and fibrolytic enzymes and their potential role in ruminant diets. The few studies conducted so far on effectiveness of ß-mannanase in ruminants have shown beneficial nutritional effects in goats, beef and lactating cows. In addition, there is some indication of health benefits from ß-mannanase in ruminants as well. 

Recent resources

Animal Nutrition in FAO and Sustainable Development Goals - FAO, 2017. FAO, Rome, Italy

This document shows how animal nutrition can help achieving the 17 sustainable development goals in UNFAO Members States.

Livestock and climate change - FAO, 2016. FAO, Rome, Italy

This document is a compendium of FAO's work on climate change. It summarizes impacts of climate change on livestock and livestock smallholders and provides a wealth of information on the roles of livestock in climate change.

Comprehensive EU protein balance sheet - EU Commission, 2016. EU Commission, Brussel, Belgium

This document is the first comprehensive EU protein balance sheet. The sheet is an overview of total EU production, consumption and trade of all marketable sources of proteins used in animal feed production.The balance sheet shows the total protein needs in the EU, with EU production of cereals and oilseeds.

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