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Osteospermum (Osteospermum spinescens)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This datasheet is pending revision and updating; its contents are currently derived from FAO's Animal Feed Resources Information System (1991-2002) and from Bo Göhl's Tropical Feeds (1976-1982).


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Tripteris pachypteris Harv.

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Shrublet up to 0.5 m high with woody branches, lanceolate leaves, 1-2 cm long, light-yellow flower heads about 1 cm in diameter on long pedicels, and three-winged fruit.

Nutritional aspects

Readily eaten by goats and sheep.

There are no results available dealing with the use of Osteospermum spinescens in ruminant feeding. Mainly because it is not a major plant in grazing areas and it is not cultivated for animal feeding purpose.

It is only mentioned in studies conducted in South Africa. Anderson et al., (1987) observed that Osteospermum spinescens is grazed by ruminants but is not highly palatable. That has been confirmed later by Du Toit (2000) who found a medium-low grazing index value.

Except these measures, there are not other available informations on Osteospermum spinescens as ruminant feed.

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