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Name Definition
c (DM)

Hourly degradation rate of particles (h-1) for dry matter in the model of ruminal degradation y = a+b (1-e-ct) (Ørskov and MacDonald, 1979).

c (N)

Hourly degradation rate of particles (h-1) for nitrogen in the model of ruminal degradation y = a+b (1-e-ct) (Ørskov and MacDonald, 1979).


A major mineral (symbol Ca) essential for living organisms, in particular in cell physiology and for the mineralization of bone, teeth and shells.


Chemical element (symbol Cu), usually a trace element in biological materials.


Coumarin, a fragrant organic chemical compound in the benzopyrone chemical class that interacts with blood coagulation.


Abbreviation for Crude protein.

Crude fibre

A measurement of fibre content. Also known as Weende cellulose, crude fibre is the insoluble residue of an acid hydrolysis followed by an alkaline one. This residue contains true cellulose and insoluble lignin. It is also used to assess hair, hoof or feather residues in animal by-products. Even though the more accurate Van Soest analysis has superseded it since the 1970s, the analysis of crude fibre remains common in feed laboratories.

Crude protein

A measurement of protein content. In animal feeds, crude protein is calculated as mineral nitrogen x 6.25 (the assumption is that proteins of typical animal feeds contain 16% nitrogen in average). The mineral nitrogen value is obtained by the Kjeldahl method, or by a method giving similar results after correction, such as the Dumas method.


A sulphur amino acid, particularly important for the constitution of hair and feathers.